Is therapy for you?

sky by Amanda OaksPeople usually seek therapy when their usual coping mechanisms are failing, or about to fail. You might be struggling with feelings of anxiety, fear, anger, confusion or hopelessness, or you might find yourself in an unsolvable dilemma. You might also be experiencing entrenched difficulties in your relationships, or attempting to come to terms with your past.

In a typical therapy session you will talk about what’s happened during your week, things that have been troubling you, how you feel about being in the session, or whatever else comes into your minds.

I will notice which different parts of you are present, and guide you to connect with each of them in turn, to better learn about their jobs, and to help them to relax. We will also identify the tender parts carrying grief, anger, despair or other difficult emotions, and safely (and with the permission of all the other parts of you) heal them.

The best way of working out whether you’d like to work with me or not is to book a first session and have an experience of working with IFS. I look forward to meeting with you.

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