Spiritual mentorship & supervision

AM prayer flags flutteringSpiritual mentorship

Whether you have a long-established spiritual practice or are at the beginning of your spiritual journey, it can be helpful to have a guide. Our sessions will be a place where you can explore your important spiritual questions or koans, bring your life more into alignment with your spiritual values, and discover how to deepen your relationship with the divine.

Spiritual supervision

If you work in a spiritual setting (i.e. chaplaincy) or if you have some responsibility for the spiritual well-being of others, it can be helpful to have a confidential space where you can talk through the various issues that arise. This might include relationships that feel more complicated or overwhelming, self-care, issues of safe-guarding,

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My own spiritual background

As a Buddhist teacher I run a small temple in the UK where we have a local congregation. I have been offering spiritual guidance to individuals for many years. I co-wrote ‘Just As You Are: Buddhism for Foolish Beings‘ with my husband Kaspa and ‘Coming Home: Refuge in Pureland Buddhism’ is my latest Buddhist book.

I am inspired and supported by my own particular school of Buddhism but I am also deeply grateful for the teachings of diverse spiritual teachers such as Teresa of Avila, Anne Lamott, Brother Lawrence, Thomas R Kelley, Suzuki Shunryu, Rumi, Terrance Keenan, Rami Shapiro and many more than I could mention here. I am also supported by the wisdom of the 12 Step programmes.

Book a session

For spiritual mentorship and supervision I offer both one-off and ongoing sessions – we could meet monthly or more or less regularly depending on your needs. I live in Malvern in the UK but most of my practice is via Skype. Sessions are 50 minutes long and my fee is £55. I work on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays – email satya@satyarobyn.com to see if I have space or to ask any questions.

‘Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.’ ~ Rumi


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